Some of our supporters choose to support the Center for Economic Accountability through donor-advised funds. We welcome such grants and are happy to work with foundations that manage donor-advised funds to fulfill compliance and reporting requirements.

Donations through donor-advised funds, as with all donations to the CEA, fall under our policy to protect the privacy of our donors to the fullest extent allowed by law, unless we have received the specific permission of that donor to publicize their support. Learn more about the CEA’s Donor Privacy Policy here.


If you are interested in the benefits of this model but do not have an existing donor-advised fund in place, the CEA is proud to work closely with DonorsTrust, “the community foundation for liberty.” DonorsTrust holds donations in support of the CEA’s programs in charitable trust, restricted to their purposes.

For more details or information on how to make a donation to DonorsTrust that supports the CEA, please contact either DonorsTrust or CEA President John Mozena.

The CEA is also enrolled in the PayPal Giving Fund, a donor-advised 501(c)(3) charitable fund operated by PayPal, Inc. To donate to the PayPal Giving Fund in support of the CEA, click here.

Representatives of other donor-advised funds can contact CEA President John Mozena with any questions.

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