“Corporate welfare isn’t a ‘Right versus Left’ issue. Instead, it’s an ‘Us versus Them’ issue, and in that fight, I know whose side I want to be on.”

— CEA President John Mozena

The Center for Economic Accountability works with a variety of partners, allies and coalitions to help achieve our mission. They include:

The CEA is part of Atlas Network‘s global network of more than 500 nonprofit organizations working to advance human flourishing around the world through individual liberty, property rights, limited government, and free markets.

The CEA has received invaluable support from Atlas Network, including training, mentorship and grant funding.

Learn more at atlasnetwork.org.

The CEA is a founding member of the Ban Secret Deals coalition, which is a collective of national and state-based policy and advocacy groups from across the political spectrum calling for state-level bans against the use of non-disclosure agreements in economic development deals.

Learn more at bansecretdeals.org.

The Better Cities Project combines limited-government principles with a real-world, results-driven approach to develop and share workable public policy solutions to the challenges facing America’s 100 largest cities.

The CEA works closely with BCP to identify and promote effective alternatives to ineffective and wasteful municipal economic development subsidy programs.

Learn more at better-cities.org.

DonorsTrust is a donor-advised fund provider dedicated to the ideals of limited government, personal responsibility and free enterprise. It helps its donors ensure that their support goes to charities that protect constitutional liberties and strengthen civil society without government funding.

Before the CEA received its 501(c)(3) charitable tax-exempt status from the IRS in October 2019, it received support from donors through a fiscal sponsorship agreement with DonorsTrust. The CEA continues to receive financial support through donor-advised funds operated by DonorsTrust.

Learn more at donorstrust.org.

The CEA is an annual sponsor of Field of Schemes, the invaluable news site covering publicly financed sports stadium deals.

Learn more at fieldofschemes.com.

In all 50 states, State Policy Network affiliate member think tanks work to advance state-based, market-oriented public policy ideas and solutions. The CEA regularly works closely with individual SPN member think tanks to help advance market-based economic development policy in their states, and has participated in SPN Annual Meetings as an exhibitor.

Learn more at SPN.org.

Media Advocacy

The CEA has jointly engaged in advocacy by writing op-eds with co-authors at:

Speaking Engagements

A CEA representative has spoken at events hosted by:

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