The Center for Economic Accountability is an independent, nonprofit and nonpartisan educational and advocacy organization. Our vision is of a future where free markets and the rule of law create economic opportunity for all, and in which American state and municipal governments efficiently provide essential public services while forswearing corporate welfare and central planning.

Founded in 2018, the CEA is headquartered in Michigan and works nationwide to advance economic opportunity for all by promoting transparency, accountability and reform of state and local economic development initiatives.

While we are a nonpartisan organization, the CEA does generally approach economic topics from a free-market, limited-government “classical liberal” perspective. However, we are dedicated to working with organizations and other stakeholders from across the sociopolitical spectrum and make every effort to find common ground in good faith with all potential allies in making state and local economies more free, fair and open to all.

If you have any questions about the CEA, please feel free to contact us.