Michigan-Based Economic Development Policy Group Identified as Free-Market Organization “Punching Above Their Weight,” will Receive Grant Support

The Center for Economic Accountability (CEA) has been selected by the Atlas Network as one of ten organizations in the United States that are “punching above their weight” in developing and implementing innovative and scalable efforts to promote ideas and policies that encourage individual freedom, free enterprise, and prosperity. The CEA’s “Smart Bet” designation includes the opportunity to participate in the U.S. Investors Summit for Liberty, a competitive opportunity to compete for as much as $75,000 in grants as well as build relationships with high-value individual investors.

Founded in 2018, the CEA’s mission is to advance economic opportunity for all by promoting transparency, accountability and free-market-based reform of state and local economic development initiatives.

“Our partners in the United States act as models for what civil society organizations can achieve—in spite of having small teams and limited resources,” said Casey Pifer, Director of Institute Relations at Atlas Network. “For that reason, we are thrilled to put the spotlight on ten American organizations we believe are ‘punching above their weight,’ and, with the right amount of investment and recognition, are likely to make important strides for the future of freedom in the United States.”

“We’re honored to be among the ten organizations selected by Atlas Network for this recognition, opportunity and financial support,” said CEA President John C. Mozena. “It’s a huge honor and incredibly humbling to have people who work with groups around the world fighting some of the most fundamental battles for human freedom look at our young organization and hold us up as ‘punching above our weight.’ We’re going to do our best to live up to that endorsement by punching harder and more effectively than ever before at the toxic intersection of big business and big government at the heart of the economic development industry in America.”

About The Center for Economic Accountability

The Center for Economic Accountability is a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization that works to bring transparency, accountability and free-market-based reforms to state and local economic development programs across the United States. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Michigan, the CEA works toward a future where free markets and the rule of law create economic opportunity for all, and in which American state and municipal governments efficiently provide essential public services while forswearing corporate welfare and central planning. Learn more at www.EconomicAccountability.org.

About Atlas Network

Atlas Network advances opportunity and prosperity by strengthening a global network of independent civil society organizations that promote individual freedom and remove barriers to human flourishing. We cultivate a network of partners—currently more than 490 in 93 countries—that share a vision of a free, prosperous and peaceful world where the rule of law, private property, and free markets are defended by governments whose powers are limited. 

Atlas Network’s vision is to create greater opportunity for individuals to use their talents freely and contribute to increasing levels of peace, civility, and prosperity, and we invest in civil society organizations that are working toward a free society. Through a unique “Coach, Compete, Celebrate” model, Atlas Network provides training and mentorship designed to improve the efforts of free-market organizations, and encourages friendly competitions that elevate performance and celebrate achievement. The Doing Development Differently initiative is helping partners around the world  advance, implement, and market locally-grown solutions to poverty that improve established measurements of economic freedom, and regional centers in Latin America, Africa, and the United States and Canada are focusing international attention on the political, social, and economic challenges of free-market reforms. 

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